Cascade Craftworks was born from over a decade of creative experimentation and adventuring.

Every Adventure has Unique Needs

Initially, we made gear ourselves because we knew exactly what we wanted, but didn't see our needs met by the current market. From backpacking, mountaineering and climbing, to offroad bike touring and riding freight trains, we've known many modes of travel and their unique demands for functional gear systems. Through our experience, we've developed a feeling for which systems have worked and which haven't.


Fast forward to the present. We're still experimenting, still looking for new ideas, testing prototypes, learning from others and finding inspiration in hidden places. Trying to balance family, work and business while still making time to get outside!

Cascade Craftworks exists to be a bridge between you and your adventures.



The wonderful things in life are the things you do, not the things you have.
— Reinhold Messner